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Boutique Boxing in Moonah

Boutique Boxing for women…

the fun way to workout

Forget the dimly lit basement boxing ring… Our women’s only gym is warm and friendly. No big scary boxing bags here – we’ve levelled it up to make boxing boutique and a beautiful way to get your heart rate up!

The way we teach boxing is unique – we know, ‘cos we’ve done lots of classes. First-up, we took the hurt out – the unnecessary hurt that is. Our gorgeous aqua bags will help protect your hands and wrists from injury. So you can come back for more hurt (of the right, sweaty kind) tomorrow! 

Not to mention, you don’t need to battle through an awkward partner paring – it’s you versus your own bag, your own space, your own weights (in our strength segments) and your own workout.

Our instructors bring their own super creative flair to our group fitness classes. You’ll always get a solid workout, but we mix up the moves each time. You may do the same moves – but never in exactly the same order. No cookie cutter workouts around here – we want to make sure you never get bored! Plus we mix in strength and conditioning work with free-weights so you know you’ll get an overall total body workout.


BurnTheory boxing is for real-world women at all fitness levels. Our wonderful instructors have adjustments for all ages, stages and injuries… and our amazing community is the most supportive cheer squad in town! All we’ll say is: just turn up, pop your boxing gloves on and let us take care of the rest.

What to bring to boxing?

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Wraps
  • Drink Bottle
  • Sweat Towel (optional but trust us… it will come in handy)

For your first class we will loan you a pair of boxing gloves and have boxing wraps available to purchase at the studio. If you love boxing (we think you will) and decide to keep coming back for more you will need to purchase a pair of gloves. 

What to wear to boxing

Our studio is a judgement free zone! Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in – tights, sweats, shorts etc! We do recommend wearing a supportive bra for our boxing classes (to keep the girls in check!) and comfy enclosed shoes. 


Why do we love boxing?


As a women’s gym our classes are female focussed – designed to help women improve their fitness, have more energy and have a great time! We provide a safe space and a supportive community where women can be themselves….and hit things!

Boxing is a fab cardio workout with added benefits! Our members have reported improved strength, increased muscle tone and most importantly they find it does wonders for their mental health as a stress reliever! 

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