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The franchise opportunity empowering real world women

Are you satisfied with life and thriving?

Or do you burn for: 

 a more balanced life that aligns with your values 

a way to make your mark, and positively impact the lives of other women just like you?

a path to create long-term income for you and your family using a proven bricks-and-mortar business model built by a real world woman just like you

It’s time to own your Burn. 

And now you can: we’ve opened the doors for women just like you to be part of our business, with franchises now available. 

    The Burn Theory difference

    Before Burn Theory there was a gap in the market. Actually, more of a gaping hole. 

    Many female gyms have left so many of us feeling a little, “less-than”. Less than skinny enough, less than designer-crop-topped enough, and a few chocolate chip cookies short of a perfect green-smoothie-showcasing instagram. 

    Here’s how we’re different as a brand in this space: 

    • Our classes are designed by females, for females . 
    • We’re about long-term, sustainable fitness that sees you through each beautiful age-and-stage of life 
    • We don’t judge. Come as you are, wherever you are in life right now. Wear that leotard from the late 80s to class. You’re fine. You may even re-start the trend. 

    Burn Theory’s vision is to empower real world women to have confidence in their bodies, their capabilities and fulfil their potential in life. 

    And now, we’re doing exactly that for our newest community – our franchise owners. 

    Our Burn Franchise Difference 

    Just like our brand stands out like a glorious slice of realness in the female gym market, our franchise option stands out in the loud-and-unobtainable feeling gym franchise market. 

    Here are just a few ways how: 

    • We sat down and did some serious maths on other franchise options in our space to provide an obtainable option for passionate real world women
    • We have already tried, tested and  our offering across two thriving studios. Our model is proven!

      Setting up your Burn

      Our “done-for-you” approach means we take you through each part of the process, step-by-step. From first enquiry, to flinging open your doors and well beyond. 

      Here’s a snapshot

      1. Getting to know each other

      This stage is about making sure we’ll be a dream team together. Over a series of phone and in person meetings, we check in on values alignment, application documents and finally, dot and cross all the right letters as we walk you thoroughly though legal, accounting and due diligence processes to final settlement. Don’t worry we take this step by step to ensure you’re 100% ready to own your burn.

      2. Welcome and super-charged support!

      At this point, we welcome you as part of our family, and provide a rigorous training and education program to thoroughly set you up for a successful opening. We’ll then help you find and fit-out your very own location, and help you create a super successful Grand Opening event!

        3. Door open and next steps


        This stage is all about getting your systems in place, and amping up your marketing. We’ll help you to continue to generate leads, set up your paid marketing and provide guidance on all our programs and services… plus ongoing training, development and support in these all important areas. 

        If you’re ready to fulfill your potential, create a business that aligns with your values and purpose in life while empowering other real-world women to thrive, we would love to hear from you.

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