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BurnTheory was founded by Hannah in 2016 with the goal to create a space that finally meets the needs and lifestyles of busy real-world women (and not just your gym bunnies). After trialling and testing and building an incredible loyal community, the first studio was full and expansion was required into a second location. Within only 6 months, this second location was 2/3 full (and growing), and so the need for more studios was born.


BurnTheory is expecting to expand across Australia with real-world women-run and operated thriving studios – and we’d love you to be one of those!

Why BurnTheory?


  • Be your own boss, take ownership of your time, freedom and lifestyle. 
  • Do something that you love and that benefits your community
  • Part of a thriving $30+ billion industry
  • Create a sustainable successful and energy-filled business for the long-term
  • Low investment, high returns with recurring membership revenue
  • Delivering an exceptional experience to an untapped market of women specifically over 30, with innovative systems, processes and offers
  • Small footprint and minimal equipment required
  • Extensive training and support provided
  • BurnTheory is unique – a dedicated and targeted niche of real-world women, innovative structure and specialised offerings come together to create a whole-health fitness offer unlike anything in the market.
  • Grow a community that’s more than just fitness classes

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Support we provide

You are supported throughout with proven systems, training and business development education:

  • Provision of a detailed operations manual and training in use of this
  • Advice and assistance with fit-out and set-up, including equipment purchase and supplies
  • Software provided and set up to start running your business right away, along with training in all systems
  • Best and highly innovative business practices with a laser focus on client experience, revenue and profitability
  • Detailed training to teach the BurnTheory method and to manage and run a thriving business
  • Ongoing training for new staff and owner training as your business expands
  • Support from the initial agreement all the way through; including guidance for location, lease agreement, construction and design, marketing and launch coordination

Smart Investment

BurnTheory studios are low investment with capacity for high returns

  • Recurring revenue model and flexible membership options to significantly increase retention and conversion
  • Minimal equipment required and extensive support to manage fit-out
  • Detailed and proven systems to grow your membership base and revenue
  • Step by step launch strategy with corporate support to open your studio with strong revenue flow (and even at profit)
  • Incentives to own more than one studio, with profit margins increasing with number of studios owned

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BurnTheory Franchisee

Who are we looking for?

Being a franchise owner has the potential for a higher rate of success than a standard new business due to its proven systems and processes. As a franchise owner, you’ve had the Franchisor go first, nutting out what works and what doesn’t and finding the best and most efficient ways of running the business. It is however, important to note that although all systems, processes, management, marketing and training is provided by the franchisor, it is still the responsibility of the franchisee to make the business model succeed. In order to do that, we believe there are a few key traits that help us to find the ideal owner (and to help you succeed):


  • A passion for fitness, wellness and health
  • Self motivated and high personal accountability
  • Ability to follow processes in a set operational environment
  • Highly developed leadership, communication and customer service skills

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