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Our Classes

Three effective fitness methods, made fun. In a space that feels like home. Each method is a super-effective workout – with all three methods also working together to target core facets of overall strength and movement: flexibility, isometric movements, targeted strength, core strength and cardiovascular fitness.

You’ll never feel like you’re doing the same class – boredom doesn’t live at BurnTheory – but you will become familiar and confident with the movement styles, building on your fitness, class by class.

You’ll arrive to a warm welcome, you’ll be cheered on to keep going through those “tough bits” in the middle of class, and leave feeling on top of the world (well even on one of those days, a darn sight better than when you arrived).

Hobart Kingston Moonah Barre Female Fitness Class


Like one of those lovely “all in one” facemasks that do all-of-the-things for your skin while you lie in the bath, we love Barre for its multi-tasking benefits. Think of a fitness goal, and it’s likely barre can help. From toning and strengthening muscles without increasing bulk, improving posture (hello looking confident!) to increasing cardiovascular fitness.

It doesn’t end there: barre also helps you to increase endurance and metabolism (that calorie burn we all love). Of course, longer term, barre gets the Doctor’s tick -with studies showing regular barre workouts can increase your bone density – helping prevent conditions like osteoporosis and support back health.

At Burn Theory, our instructors are passionate about the benefits of barre, and will guide you through great technique – we know you’re a real woman with stuff on, so we want to make sure Every. Single. Move. Counts.
See you at the Barre!

boutique womens boxing fitness classes hobart moonah kingston


The way we teach boxing is unique – we know, ‘cos we’ve done lots of classes. First-up, we took the hurt out – the unnecessary hurt that is. Our water bags will help protect your hands and wrists from injury. So you can come back for more hurt (of the right, sweaty kind) tomorrow!

Not to mention, you don’t need to battle through an awkward partner paring – it’s you versus your own bag, your own space, your own weights (in our strength segments) and your own workout.
You’ll always get a solid workout, but we mix up the moves each time. You may do the same moves – but never in exactly the same order. BurnTheory says no to copy and paste. Plus we mix in strength and conditioning work with free-weights so you know you’ll get an overall total body workout.

Finally, how hard you work is up to you. We’re certainly going to cheer you on and push you to go harder. But we also get this is the real world, so on “one of those days” – we get that just turning up, getting the gloves on and pushing to your level is enough. All we’ll say is: just turn up, and let us take care of the rest.

Womens Strength build class


The BUILD class is designed to bridge the gap between pilates and small weight style classes (those classes that are SUPER important for our stabilisation, core, postural alignment, joint strength etc), but not as intense as one of those cross-fit style barbell workouts. 

We take the benefit of progressive overload (increasing weight over time) and your strength-based movements, with a specific muscular focus (i.e. lower body or upper body only) for that entire class. We’ve also curated a 6 week training block for this class, allowing you to create strength through repetition, but not so much you get bored.

It’s the strength class without the scary, designed to build lean muscle, tone, mobility and longevity in women’s bodies.

With the addition of the BUILD class, you’ve got access across the range of movement our bodies need on a regular basis. Plus, you can mix and match, depending on what you body (and your mind) need at the time. 

Glutes and core womens mat pilates class

Glutes & Core + Release

Improving your core strength is to your body like sudoku is for your mind: it builds strength to make you more agile in tackling life’s everyday challenges: back pain, picking up little ones, lengthy times sitting at your desk. There is literally nothing that building core strength won’t help you achieve when it comes to your fitness. It will support your cardio and strength workouts, while protecting your back. Best supporting actress for core goes to the glutes so we make sure to give them a good workout too, engaging them correctly and building strength to support that all important core!

Paired with release, this class is the best power-duo since honeycomb in a Magnum. We all know yoga makes you more flexible, but add in better circulation, protection from injury and improved breathing…  Plus, our style of yoga slots in with our other methods: we know what moves you need to do to bridge the gaps or challenges you may be having in other methods – or in everyday mobility. Just let us know, and we’ll adapt the class to the group’s needs. How very BT.