First timers - BURNTHEORY Fitness - Hobart Moonah Tasmania

New to our studios?

Welcome induction

You’ve heard we do community properly, and this is where it starts! By meeting you before your first class and making sure you’re all set up and welcomed the right way. It’s scary walking into a new studio, especially if it’s been a while between sweat or stretch sessions. So that’s why we organise to meet you before that first class, show you around our beautiful space, introduce you to some friendly faces and get you settled in.

Oh, and for those boxing classes, we get you set up with wraps and gloves and give you run down of our class, so you can safely kick that aqua-bags butt!

What to wear

 You don’t have to be in matching activewear to get your sweat on at BurnTheory. While we are big fans of tights, anything that you have a good range of movement and feel comfortable in is fine by us! If you are joining us for a boxing class we recommend wearing a supportive sports bra, to keep the ‘girls’ secured!


What to bring

 For all classes, bring a bottle of water, a sweat towel and your fine-self! If you’re attending a barre, core or yoga class, you don’t need much more than that.

For boxing bring along a pair of sneakers and a sweat towel – we do get sweaty! We have shower facilities available if you need to freshen up post class with soap, shampoo and conditioner for your convenience. Boxing classes also require wraps ($10 from the studio) and gloves. We supply a pair for your first class, after which we help get you set up with your own pair.


Got more questions?

Head to our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us