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Franchise FAQ’s

Can I keep my job and own a studio?

Yes you can! However, we do not advise you to work full time in a different job whilst trying to own a studio. We have a requirement that the owner is an owner-operator and therefore able to take classes as well as manage the day-to day. In addition, the more you put into the business, the more you’ll get out of it. As such, we would suggest dropping to part-time whilst you build your business if you want to maintain a job outside of the business.

I have never owned a business before, am I qualified?

You don’t need to have previous business ownership experience – the beauty of owning a BurnTheory franchise is that we teach you everything you need to know and provide you with a business in a box!

How long with it take to make my investment back?

This will depend on how quickly your business grows and the effort you put into it’s growth. However, generally speaking we aim to cover your investment within 3 years of opening your studio, and have you profitable within the first 3 months of opening.

How much does it cost?

Generally it will cost between $150,000 – $250,000 to open your studio. Check out our Business Snapshot in the PDF Info Pack for further detail (link to download info pack)

Where can I open a BurnTheory?

We have territories and areas that we have highlighted as ideal areas to open a BurnTheory. We endeavour to make sure that when you do open a location, it is able to be as profitable as possible. As such we do not allow BurnTheory studios to open too close to other owned locations.

Currently in Tasmania, we have the following territories open for discussion:

  • Launceston and surrounds
  • Burnie
  • Devonport

There are currently no BurnTheory studios on the mainland so discussion can be had in regards to territories in all areas.

How long does it take to open a studio?

This will depend on a number of factors, including your council or government approvals for your area, building needs of the space and approvals. However, generally from signing a lease, it takes approximately 3-6 months to open your studio.

I haven’t ever taken a BurnTheory class before, could I still open a studio?

You sure can! We do have a requirement that during the qualification stage (us getting to know you and you getting to know us), that we get you booked in for a barre, boxing and core class.

What do you provide with the marketing and technology fees?

The Marketing and brand fund levy covers all our brand awareness campaigns and growth of the brand across Australia.

The local marketing fee covers your paid advertising costs – meaning we do the work to bring in the leads.

Your technology fee covers the cost of your ongoing systems, such as the booking system, branded App, CRM etc

What is the royalty charged?

We charge 10% gross revenue monthly

What does it take to be a successful BurnTheory owner?

Ideal Franchise Partner

A franchise partner is encouraged to have a formal education with relevant skill and knowledge, but this is not required to be an owner. In addition, previous fitness industry experience is also not required, but will help position you for success. Other experience such as sales, management/operations, financial intelligence and customer service will also be a bonus.

A passion for fitness, wellness and health

A BurnTheory franchise partner is an owner-operator. This means they work on and in the business, and have capacity to take classes as well as run the day to day operations. That means there is a need for an interest and enjoyment of fitness and health, and an affinity for movement and exercise.

Self-motivated and personal accountability

Although you are provided with the business model and significant support and guidance (including overseeing paid marketing efforts), when you are a franchise partner, you are still your own boss and are responsible for the success or failure of the business. The good old saying of ‘the more effort and energy you put in, the more you get out’ definitely applies in this instance, so not being afraid to put in the hours and work under pressure at times is critical. A franchise partner wishes to be a business owner, to learn and create with no ego and should be prepared to learn and grow while being guided and accompanied by a franchisor in order to benefit from the brand, know-how, sources of supply, advertising strength etc.

Ability to follow processes and systems in a set operational environment

Franchise partners are required under the agreement they make with the franchisor to follow the systems, processes and operations as set out by the franchisor. These create smooth operations and not only create uniform experiences for clients across the network, but also result in successful results.

In addition, the franchise partner should have the capacity to ask for help when required and receive direction, and also be flexible and adapt to a changing environment.

If you have more of a highly entrepreneurial mindset and want to go it your own way, this may not be the right opportunity for you.

Leadership, Communication and customer service

Franchise partners must have highly developed emotional intelligence and be able to interact with and communicate successfully with both staff/employees and clients.

BurnTheory’s systems are based in relationship-building and have been proven to produce much higher results as compared to the industry average. As such, high interpersonal communication skills is critical to growing a client base and maintaining them, as well as attracting, retaining and developing a team of talented people.

Having a collaborative and functioning team is what makes BurnTheory so special – we are renown for our real-world community, so we are looking for that franchise partner that can live and breathe our mission, vision and values.

Can I have a business partner?

Definitely! As mentioned, we do have a requirement that the owner or one of the owners is an owner-operator and working in the business as well as has the capacity to teach classes. In addition, as the business is real-women only client base, it is important that this owner-operator also be female. However, that doesn’t stop a hubby and wife team or a daughter/mother team from coming in and thriving in business!

Do you offer financing?

We don’t offer financing at this stage. However please reach out as we have good working relationships with some of the major banks.

What can I expect to make from my business?

This will depend on a number of factors, including personal circumstances, work put into the business, location, demographics etc. You should consider whether you should get advice from a professional accountant, business or financial advisor in relationship to the financial viability of your proposed business.

Do I get an operations manual?

Definitely! We have some seriously detailed and user friendly operations manuals that cover every aspect of the business. In addition, we train you on every part of the manuals and running of the business too!

How many hours will I work each week in the studio?

Our modeling is based on the owner-operator taking a minimum of 8 classes a week, and managing the day-to-day operations of the business. This can range from anywhere between 10 hours up to 30 hours. Once again, the greater work you put into the business, the greater the success and reward. A general rule of thumb is to expect to work 30 hours a week minimum during the first 6-12 months. After which you can look to employ additional back-end staff to manage the administrative tasks. We also require that you commence with at least 1 part time admin and sales support so you can make the most of the launch period and ongoing first year of growth.

How much training will I receive?

Plenty! As the owner, we commence with an initial welcome 2 day induction to the studio, before entering into your detailed week long training program once a site is secured for your studio. We also train you to run exceptional barre, boxing and core classes. Expect to be undertaking training for 2-3 months leading into the opening of your studio.

We will also be putting your staff through the training academy to teach classes, as well as training your admin and sales staff prior to opening the studio.

What are the benefits of owning more than 1 studio?

Owning a BurnTheory studio is an incredible experience. However, owning more than one allows you to achieve benefits and efficiencies of scale, without doubling your expenses.

We encourage prospective franchise partners to consider securing more than one territory and have financial incentives to assist in this. Not only does this then secure an entire area (for example the Devonport or Launceston area), but it also allows you to take a step up into higher management, with staff in place to manage across the locations.

Do I get an exclusive territory with my franchise use?

Yes you do! We won’t allow any other franchise partners to open a location inside the territory set for your location. This allows us to make the most of the demographics in the area and supports you to be as successful as you can.

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