Child Minding Bookings - BURNTHEORY Fitness - Hobart Moonah Tasmania

Child Minding at Kingston Studio

Book yourself in for barre at 9.30am on Friday at the Kingston studio – and then book in your child/ren for child minding! 

Please note that payment is required through the class booking system and this will be monitored by BurnTheory.

Important details:

We have a maximum of 10 children we can accommodate per time slot, including a maximum of 2 children under the age of 1.

Prior to your first child minding booking, a signed agreement must be completed at the studio (this can be done on the day of your booking).

In the event of your child becoming unsettled, we will endeavour to settle the child ourselves; however you may be required to leave class to settle your child. No refunds will be provided for the child minding or class in the event this occurs and you are unable to finish your class.

Other details:

Child minding will be set up in the downstairs lounge area. Toys, play mats, bean bags and Netflix Kids channel will be available to entertain your child(ren). If you’d prefer to leave your child with a device, this is more than fine.

Child minding is designed for those children who are not yet school aged or cannot sit quietly without supervision on a device etc). We understand there are instances where you need to bring your school-aged child whilst you complete the class outside of the child minding hours, and we do not consider this child minding or require you to book your child in for this.

Phone: 0483 925 150